Shaping lives and food systems

Rising to the challenge of feeding a growing population while looking after natural resources and tackling climate change requires action. Building secure, resilient and sustainable food systems can help to improve livelihoods, reduce environmental impact, and, ultimately, help provide healthy diets1 to the global community.

Read the stories that are impacting the future of food and individual lives.

Food safety & quality

Food loss & waste

robot hands in food production

5 ways to tackle waste in food manufacturing

From empowering employees to collaborating across the value chain, there are five main ways leading companies are tackling zero-waste within food production.

senior man checking expiry date on food

Four concrete actions to help reduce food waste

We look at four ways to reduce food waste across the value chain through consumer education, innovative food packaging, and repurposing of raw materials.

green and red peppers

Working together to reduce food loss and waste

1/3 of all food is lost or wasted. By working together across food systems, we can make sure that everyone, everywhere gets access to safe and nutritional food.

Food access, availability & resilience

school girl smiling

School feeding programmes

We have been collaborating with customers, governments, stakeholders, and NGOs to develop School Feeding Programmes.

woman walking next to a cow

Dairy hubs

We are enabling dairy production for smallholder farmers by linking them to dairy processors and providing hands-on practical training services.

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Windmills and solar panels

Climate & decarbonisation case stories

Explore our commitment to mitigating climate change through science-based targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain.

Landscape over forest

Nature and biodiversity case stories

Learn how we contribute to global water resilience, conserve biodiversity, and act for nature.

Girls playing basketball

Social sustainability case stories

Discover our dedication to respecting human rights throughout the value chain and empowering communities, aligned with our promise for a better world.

Female recycling expert

Circularity case stories

Explore our circularity drive towards a circular future: recycling activities, design for recycling, responsible materials, and reduced waste.

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1Consuming a healthy diet throughout the life-course helps to prevent malnutrition in all its forms as well as a range of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and conditions (WHO). Source: