The nature of our operational work and the equipment our employees work with pose safety risks, including machine safety, working at height, forklift trucks, cutting and welding. We work hard to create a safety culture to reduce these risks. Our occupational health and safety (OHS) initiatives ensure safe working conditions everywhere for our employees. 

Achieving safety excellence

By prioritising the well-being of our employees, we aim to create a safe working environment that promotes proactive risk management. Our Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) process outlines yearly clear deliverables and leadership approval steps, i.e. risks are assessed throughout Tetra Pak, internal controls are self-assessed annually, and internal audits assure corporate governance activities.

We achieved a remarkable milestone of zero fatalities across our global sites in 2022, with only one high-consequence incident. These incidents catalyse change as we develop detailed action plans to drive improvements and prevent reoccurrence.

Image: Total Recordable Accident Rate (TRAR) - 12-month average (MA)

Accidents infographic

Innovative solutions and OHS competency

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, we have implemented My OHS, a global software platform that provides comprehensive support to our employees and agency workers. Furthermore, we have launched virtual courses to further raise OHS competency in key positions, equipping our team with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a safe working environment.

Four training people in a technical center

Continuous progress and reduction in accidents

Our efforts to enhance occupational health and safety (OHS) have resulted in a 19% reduction in our Total Recordable Accident Rate compared to 20211. This positive trend builds upon the progress we made in 2020, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our workforce.

Many of our sites also focus on employee health and wellbeing more broadly, from offering regular hearing and eyesight tests, routine vaccinations, and ergonomic risk assessments, to stress management programmes, complementary therapies, advice on nutrition and healthy living, and alcohol and drug support.

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Well-being first

As part of our aim to improve global employee mental well-being, we have launched a campaign helping employees recognise symptoms of poor mental well-being in themselves or their colleagues and tools to help them make changes to improve the situation.

The campaign worked alongside the global Employee Assistance Programme, which is open to all employees and their families should they need emotional support or counselling. In 2022, over 3,000 employees accessed and engaged with our Mental Wellbeing portal with an additional 3,200 completing our training programme, including the resilience training we launched the same year.

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1Data includes both employees and workers who are not employees when at a workplace under the control of Tetra Pak