Why choose Bloom.?

Innovation ecosystem


Innovation Ecosystem

Unlock boundless innovation with our comprehensive ecosystem designed to accelerate product development from ideation to production.




Experience our flexible approach allows us to seamlessly adapt and support your journey towards creating exceptional products.

speed to market


Speed to market

Embrace the advantage of our streamlined process, reducing time-to-market and gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape.




As your demands expand, our robust infrastructure and skilled professionals ensure a successful transition, empowering you to meet market demands efficiently.

What's your Bloom. journey like?

About Tetra Pak

Our experienced food technologists and process engineers are available to assist with new product development challenges and offer solutions for adapting recipes, optimising processing methods, reducing ingredient waste, or introducing new flavors. Our Product Development Centers worldwide have diverse test equipment and knowledgeable staff to create products that meet consumer expectations.



About DenEast

DenEast is a dedicated contract manufacturer specializing in aseptic beverage solutions for brand owners in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and other selected export markets. Established in 2017, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located outside Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam and has the capacity to produce 150 million litres of products annually. Our team of 200 experienced professionals, with expertise gained at renowned multinational corporations, prioritizes quality, food safety, and environmental sustainability. Our versatile capabilities are designed to support the growth of both start-ups and established brands, empowering them to expand their businesses successfully.

Why DenEast?

  • Trusted and dedicated professional co-packer
  • Provides high standard of food safety and strict quality assurance
  • Offers a wide range of categories' capabilities
  • Has a robust business development process, so you can go-to-market seamlessly