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Processing Solutions

Processing solutions and equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food.

Carton packages for food and beverages

Packaging Solutions

A complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products, offering user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life.

Service solutions, improving performance

Service Solutions

Tetra Pak® Services helps you improve your performance, optimize costs and ensure food safety throughout the lifecycle of your operations.

We can help you with your food.

The heat is on - but our solutions will help you keep your cool

Buying a heat exchanger is seldom an 'off the peg' purchase. It should always be a solution configured specifically for your production line and its requirements.

The number of units and their size will depend on five main variables: the type of product, the type of process, the amount you produce, energy consumption and production runtime.

To create the right design, rheology data for your product is vital. Product viscosity  changes during heat treatment, requiring different combinations of heat exchangers. Tetra Pak engineers often combine different machine types together with different design solutions, depending on how fluid changes with temperature and flow.

Our advanced and validated technical design tools, combined with data from our unique 8000  product database, helps to inform the process and ensures optimum performance can be achieved.

Meadow Foods Fresh Division at Peterborough has benefitted from Tetra Pak's approach as Factory Manager Nigel Haines explained:

“We have worked closely with Tetra Pak to adapt an existing plant so it can produce custard products. The key to this was understanding the rheology of the product and how it reacts in the final cooling process. Tetra Pak’s thorough knowledge of the products and their equipment enabled Meadow Foods to meet our customer's needs from the outset."

Successful Ice Cream Expo

Successful development of premium-quality stick ice cream containing larger inclusions was just one of the topics addressed by our team at the recent Ice Cream Expo, Harrogate.

Using larger inclusions presents a number of challenges, not least in achieving uniform distribution and attractive appearance while avoiding waste. Conventional methods of cutting the product tend to 'push' the particles, affecting the appearance and causing the ice creams to be misaligned, resulting in increased waste further down the line.

Our project team was therefore tasked with developing a commercial solution. After exploring several options - including ultrasonic cutting - they settled on a vertical rotating wheel. This approach can handle large ingredients such as apricots of 40 mm diameter and output is similar to conventional extrusion lines.


Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel produces stick ice cream products with large inclusions at highest capacity

Press Release

Ice cream products with large-sized inclusions, such as whole nuts, real fruit segments, or cookie dough chunks at highest capacity on the market.

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Tetra Pak Separators with Encapt technology slash energy consumption by 40%

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Energy use for the separators is reduced by 40%, by incorporating a breakthrough pressure management technology, Encapt

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Tetra Pak to develop paper straws for its portion-size carton packages

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​Tetra Pak aims to launch a paper straw that is suitable for portion-sized carton packages addressing the issue of plastic straw waste

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Navigating Digital Transformation: Five Keys to Success

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Industry 4.0 is about smart manufacturing fully-integrated collaborative systems responding in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory

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Tetra Pak launches new packaging material effects to help brands attract shoppers’ attention

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Tetra Pak Artistry is a suite of new packaging material effects to help food and beverage producers revitalise the look and feel of their products.

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Tetra Pak Scoops Top Award for Manufacturing Excellence for Turkish Factory

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Tetra Pak's packaging material factory in Izmir, Turkey, has received the world's top award for manufacturing excellence, the 22nd factory worldwide to win this

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Tetra Pak delivers more than half a billion fully renewable packages

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Tetra Pak delivered more than half a billion packs of Tetra Rex Bio-based, the world’s first beverage carton made from sugar cane and paperboard

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Tetra Pak on the Supplier Climate A List by CDP​

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Tetra Pak has just been named in the CDP Supplier Climate A list for the second time. We have been reporting to the CDP Supplier Climate programme since 2009

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