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Tetra Pak Magazine, Functional Food

Tetra Pak Magazine No. 105 — Functional Food

Functional food is in the news. As consumers we know more and more about the connection between health and nutrition. We are paying closer attention to our diets, and not only looking for products that provide fuel for the body, but also ones that boost our health, energy levels and appearance too. Food producers which recognise these trends are looking to functional foods as a way to differentiate their products and avoid the trap of commoditisation.

In this edition of the Tetra Pak magazine, we take a closer look at several stars of the functional food trend. We also consider whether the interest in what special foods can do for us is really new. A quick look back in time reveals that functional foods have, in fact, existed for centuries. So we think about what this can teach us about the challenges and opportunities that we face today and in the future.

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