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Tetra Pak expects to deliver more than 100 million fully renewable packages in 2016

Tetra Pak announced today that the company expects to deliver more than 100 million packs of Tetra Rex® Bio-based to customers during 2016

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Tetra Pak releases white paper on heating process for food with particles

Our experts have developed a unique mathematical model which defines heat transfer coefficients for different types of particles

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Tetra Pak signs Paris pledge for action at COP21

Tetra Pak today signed the Paris Pledge for Action at COP21, reinforcing the company’s long-standing commitment to tackle climate change

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Tetra Pak Magazine Deeper in the Pyramid

Read our latest issue of the Tetra Pak Company Magazine No 104 Deeper in the Pyramid

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Tetra Pak OneStep Technology Improves Efficiency for Milk Production from Powder

Tetra Pak has extended the application of it's OneStep processing technology to milk production from powder

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Tetra Pak and DeLaval Commit to Up-skill Dairy Farm Management in China

Tetra Pak and DeLaval today signed a five year agreement with the Dairy Association of China to provide training to Chinese dairy farm managers

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Tetra Pak wins ‘Best Carton’ and ‘Best Manufacturing Innovation’ Awards

Tetra Pak has collected two awards at the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Ceremony held in BrauBevial.

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Tetra Pak releases a white paper on millennials

Tetra Pak has released a white paper on millennials, the largest generational group in history, spending approximately $600 billion annually

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