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Tea with ginger and honey in Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton

Ready-to-drink herbal beverage attracts younger generation

When New Concept Product in Thailand wanted to expand its business, they teamed up with Tetra Pak to launch a new ginger drink for on-the-go consumption

Tetra Rex optimized filling white paper

Increase Tetra Rex production by 500 p/h with optimized filling

Discover how the new patented technology, optimized filling, allows you to increase machine speed and fill more difficult products.

Digital symbols, cyber security

Restoring plant operations after a cyberattack

A saved server backup helped us restore a customer’s operations after a devastating cyberattack halted their production.

Woman in grocery store reading ingredients

Allergens and food safety: How Tetra Pak helps producers evaluate risks

Food and beverage producers have so much to consider when it comes to adding a new product line. One factor looms especially large: Allergens.

Glas of oat milk

Oat beverages are booming. Here’s why

Suddenly, oat-based beverages are everywhere - maybe even in your own cup of coffee this morning. Popularity of oat drinks is just getting started.

Food experts

Behind the beverage: Meet the people who can help bring your oat drinks to life

It takes a committed team of professionals — including food scientists, technologists, strategists and engineers — to bring oat-based beverages to market.

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