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29th June

10:00 – 10:30 GMT. How are trends and events influencing consumer choice for more sustainable food options? – Gisele Gurgel, Business Insights & Analytics Director, Tetra Pak

According to our latest Tetra Pak Index, COVID-19 has displaced the environment as the number one consumer concern, but still, this is ahead of anything else, even economic issues. Consumers are more and more aware of a dilemma between the need for greater consumption of food and the impact on our planet – both in terms of packaging waste and food waste – and they are looking to businesses to helping them solve this tension. In this session, Gisele will discuss how at-home trends have been accelerated by the pandemic, with health and responsible consumption remaining key.

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30th June

13:00 – 13:30 GMT. Sustainable ingredients case study 1 – Tetra Pak’s Ola Ström and Tebrito’s Bertrand Giorgi

In this joint session with Tebrito, Tetra Pak representative Ola Strom and Tebrito's Bertrand Giorgi will discuss the aim of making insect protein available for food products while making the insect itself invisible. Ever since the EU approval of insect protein for consumption, there has been an eagerness to explore how we can make this an industry reality. Ola Strom is a Food Technologist at Tetra Pak and Bertrand Giorgi is working as Cheif Operations Officer at Tebrito. Together, they have conducted trials virtually and gathered knowledge to push the industry forward. In this presentation, they share their learnings from these product trials and the steps that will be needed to start scaling up.

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Business Insights & Analytics Director - Tetra Pak

Gisele Gurgel

Gisele Gurgel is responsible for Business Insights & Analytics, holding the Director position at Tetra Pak central marketing, based in Modena, Italy.

Gisele started to work at Tetra Pak in Brazil 20 years ago, and since then she has lived and worked in different locations around the world as well as in multiple functions across Sales and Marketing.

After accumulating deep experience in emerging markets, by leading a project to make nutrition food available to low income consumers in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Gisele returned to Italy in 2017 to lead the marketing insights team towards the era of digital analytics and big data.

Gisele holds an MBA from the ESPM University (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and an Executive Global MBA at Getulio Vargas University (out on hold), both in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Chief Operations Officer, Tebrito

Bertrand Giorgi

Bertrand Giorgi is an insect entrepreneur who supports stakeholders along the food value chain with alternative protein applications and organic fertilizer as the Chief Operations Officer at Tebrito.

He believes that the food value chain can be more efficient and sustainable using insects as catalysts to upscale widely and readily available biomass. There is an urgent need for climate-smart alternative quality protein along the value chain from feed to fish, livestock and petfood to food applications. Insect protein’s rich and balanced amino-acid profile makes it a sustainable and qualitative ingredient to sustainably feed a growing population with evolving diets.

Bertrand started in management consulting with significant international exposure, he identifies and converts opportunities to make circular opportunities a reality along the food value chain. He holds both a Master’s in Business Administration and in Politics.
Food Technologist, Tetra Pak

Ola Strom

Ola Strom is a Food Technologist working in the Product Development Centre in Lund, Sweden at Tetra Pak. He has been working at Tetra Pak for 15 years and worked in herbal medicine development and formulation previously.

Ola is responsible for running customer product trials, which involves planning, executing and reporting with the customer and local contacts to make sure that there has been the right amount of knowledge transfer and learnings. He is also responsible for running internal development projects, that support the innovation ecosystem, such as work with start-ups. More recently Ola’s focus has been on plant based and other alternative raw materials.
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