Tetra Pak celebrates Nobel Prize Win for Research Partner, Lund University

Dr L'Huillier receives Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering attosecond research


Lausanne, Switzerland, 05 October 2023 - Tetra Pak is celebrating the news that Professor Anne L’Huillier has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2023. Professor L'Huillier works at Lund University, a research and innovation partner of the company. She joins a relatively small community of female scientists who have won the Nobel Prize for Physics since its inception in 1901.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences recognised L’Huillier’s groundbreaking work in creating ultrashort light pulses, alongside laureates Pierre Agostini and Ferenc Krausz. Their research has unlocked the ability to study rapid electron processes in the realm of attoseconds. This research offers immense potential in various fields, including electronics and medical diagnostics.

L'Huillier is a leading professor at Lund University. The renowned academic institute is a long-term collaborator of Tetra Pak, together fostering innovation, creating development opportunities and sharing resources between academia and industry. This mutual exchange is facilitating a broader and deeper understanding of the complex sustainability problems facing the world today.

Laurence Mott, Executive Vice President, Development and Technology at Tetra Pak, says: “We are thrilled to join Lund University in congratulating Professor L’Huillier. There is no greater honour than the Nobel Prize in the world of scientific research, and this is an inspirational moment to all. We could not be prouder to call Lund University a valued research partner in our innovation work.



Tetra Pak Contact:
Zoe Ngobeni

Lund University Contact:
Jessika Sellergren

Dr L’Hullier receives Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering attosecond research