• Tetra Pak and the dairy company Valio are launching a new tethered cap using 30 % certified recycled polymers. The beverage cap is the first of its kind to be sold in Northern Europe and represents an innovation in recycling.
  • Combining the usage of certified recycled plastic with a tethered cap, that is designed to reduce plastic litter, marks a milestone in both companies' efforts towards circularity.

11 January 2024: Tetra Pak has expanded its range of sustainable packaging solutions to include the C38 Pro™ , a new product featuring certified recycled polymers. This resealable, future-proof tethered cap is designed to stay attached to packaging and prevent litter.

Valio, Finland’s leading dairy company, is the first food producer in Northern Europe to use the C38 Pro™ with 30% certified recycled polymers on its packaging. The caps will be used on Tetra Top® package and will contain Valio's PROfeel® protein drinks and Latte coffee drinks.

”We are very proud to be pioneers in circularity. This new solution aligns with our packaging sustainability goal, that by 2030, all single-use product packaging we produce and sell will be made from renewable or recycled materials. We are confident that this will strengthen our position in the dairy product market”, says Juhana Pilkama, Head of Packaging Development at Valio.

First with certified recycled polymers In 2022, Tetra Pak was the first carton packaging manufacturer to offer solutions using certified recycled plastic. The certified recycled polymers used in the caps, tops and coatings of Tetra Pak´s cartons are produced under the ISCC chain of custody attribution method. This means that the plastics are made of a mix of recycled and non-recycled materials, but that the corresponding mass of recycled materials has been tracked throughout the Tetra Pak supply chain.

”ISCC certification ensures that plastic waste has been recycled at the beginning of the value chain. The source of recycled material is mixed plastic waste from post-consumer material, certified via ISCC”, says Anna Ilomäki, Sales Director at Tetra Pak Finland, and continues:

”Certified recycled polymers is a key step in Tetra Pak’s approach to circularity which includes minimizing dependency on fossil-based resources; responsibly sourcing raw materials; designing packages for enhanced recycling and reduced litter; as well as building collaborations to develop an effective collection and recycling infrastructure worldwide.”

What does “certified recycled polymers” mean?

Plastic waste is chemically recycled (therefore meeting food safety regulations), reprocessed by plastic producers together with virgin plastic, and used anew in the manufacturing process of new carton packages.

A supply of this blended plastic is delivered to pre-selected Tetra Pak® production sites, certified according to a third-party chain of custody attribution method (mass balance).

Tetra Pak® carton packages manufactured in those production sites are therefore eligible to carry a third-party certification label, certifying that the final product utilises certified recycled polymers.

New directive on tethered caps The EU Single-Use Plastic (SUP) Directive mandates that single-use beverage containers made with plastic will only be allowed on the market if their caps and lids remain attached. Coming into force in July 2024, this directive is an integral part of the EU's wider Plastics Strategy and an important element of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan.


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C38 Pro™ with 30% certified recycled polymers on its packaging. The caps will be used on Tetra Top® package and will contain Valio's PROfeel® protein drinks and Latte coffee drinks.