How do you ensure food quality?

Food quality is concerned with the taste, colour, texture and nutritional value of the food we eat.

Manufacturers traditionally use food tasting panels or people such as a tea taster, to monitor these hard to measure features. Tetra Pak specialists continuously scan academic and emerging technologies to find novel and innovative to monitor food quality. And we help design and manage manufacturing processes that make sure our customers can manufacture products efficiently and economically whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of food quality and safety.

Tetra Pak experts have helped hundreds of customers all around the world develop Food Quality Assurance systems. Each system is designed to meet a specific set of needs, but usually include:

  • a design standard that defines the quality attributes for each product;
  • optimised manufacturing processes and operating procedures to deliver this quality plan
  • measurement & analysis tools to monitor production so it delivers the required quality.

Tetra Pak has developed our unrivalled food quality expertise and reputation for maintaining food safety by working with the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. We are continuously developing the ways we support customers with packaging materials, equipment and services.

This is why customers all around the world partner with Tetra Pak to guarantee their food quality and safety. To read more about the vital role we play, please read more here.

Food quality technology.
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