​​​​​​​​​Connected Package digital campaign gave dairy company access to a wealth of information about their customers​

A high level of consumer engagement was achieved, 94% of the users completed a quiz with questions about the product.

Youths with smartphones, online and digital solutions

Customer challenge – brand awareness

How to create interest in a brand of milk products enriched with vitamins and calcium. How to bring together all the data collected into a manageable form that provides insights into consumer behaviour.

Our solution​​ – scan and win promotions

A scan and win campaign was devised using a unique QR code on the carton. The main prize was an Apple Watch with 50 such watches given out during the campaign period of about 100 days, running from August to December 2019.  Scanning the QR code on the packs of milk (Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 1000 Square) led directly to a microsite where consumers could register to win the watch. Therefore there was no need to download an app, which can be an obstacle reducing consumer participation.

Tetra Pak was responsible for cloud services through Azure code management of the data following connection to the microsite by consumers. Appetite Creative Solutions was the tech company that created the microsite and provided the customer with campaign results in the form of a portal to check the ongoing status. In this way, it was possible to track the engagement behaviour of users in detail. For example, the customer could see which products in their range were most scanned. It was also possible to see the times of day when products were scanned showing that the peak time for scanning was on Sunday morning around breakfast-time. The data also showed how long it took on average for a user to scan a carton and take part in the competition: 2 minutes 13 seconds!

Tetra Pak was closely involved in the Digital Solutions Development Programme to develop ways to compile all the data into valuable insights for the customer. All personal data is processed according to national regulations.

An interactive online quiz was featured on the microsite inviting users to answer three questions related to the brand. 94% of users completed the quiz, which had an educational role to highlight the benefits of the products. Surprisingly, about a third of the answers were incorrect. The incorrect answers from many consumers revealed some gaps in their knowledge about the role of Vitamin D and calcium in a healthy diet.

The campaign featured advertising on Facebook and Instagram plus YouTube bumper ads (short videos) and Google ads. Special promotional cardboard boxes were used at the point of sale for the cartons and special offers with money off were advertised using flyers.​

Case in short

Results achieved:  

7,731 valid scans of packages

6,126 registrations to enter the competition

32,321 questions answered in the quiz

94% of users completed the quiz