Environmentally smart packaging for drinking yoghurt

The challenge: with many of us drinking on-the-go these days, we look for beverages that can be consumed easily. At the same time, more and more of us are looking for environmentally sustainable packaging. Our customer in Sweden, Skånemejerier, was looking for a sustainable alternative carton for its drinking yoghurts and turned to us to assist.

The initiative: responding to the environmental concerns of its customers, for the first time in 2016 Skånemejerier introduced a carton for its yoghurt drinks. It opted for our Tetra Top® 330 MiniV carton for 2.1 million yoghurt products. Combining a very small layer of plastic with FSC​ certified paperboard, the carton avoids 45 tonnes of plastic and, according to our life-cycle assessment, produces only a fifth of the carbon emissions compared to a traditional plastic bottle. What’s more, it is 40 per cent lighter, reducing distribution emissions.

A further advantage is that they fit together in transport and storage and can be delivered on a roll instead of ready-mixed as the plastic bottles. All of this makes distribution more efficient and significantly reduces the company’s carbon emissions. Once used, cartons are easy to flatten and recycle, with the screw cap also recyclable.

The value: Skånemejerier's drinking yoghurt is now available in our MiniV carton in stores throughout Sweden, with positive consumer feedback around usability and environmental sustainability. According to Armina Nilsson, Sustainability Manager at Skånemejerier, “we noted a growing interest in environmentally smart, on-the-go packaging. Younger generations, in particular, value the environment as well as the option to conveniently bring this product with them when on the go. Carton bottles are developed with these aspects in mind. Our consumers are engaged in these issues, not least since the packaging is the first thing facing them in the store.”

"60 years ago, we revolutionised the milk industry, when the glass bottles were replaced by our smart and lightweight cartons. Now we see a new big shift. People on the move care about the environment and the carton bottle becomes the obvious choice." Erik Lindroth, Environmental Director, Tetra Pak

Looking ahead: the Tetra Top® 330 MiniV carton is an example of future-proof packaging since it appeals to the next generation who will be looking for convenience combined with sustainability.