Consumers collected coins and sales rose by 10%

The market leader in nectar drinks wanted to regain sales volume lost during the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic. A scan and win promotion was devised based on the creation of a virtual currency in the form of coins that could be exchanged for prizes. Sales volumes of the brand of nectar drinks rose by 10% during the campaign in late 2020 and early 2021 compared to same period last year.

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Challenge – regain sales volume 

Like many other companies in the juice, nectar and soft drinks market, sales had taken a downturn during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic because people were spending less time going out or doing recreational activities when these kind of drinks are often consumed. 

A challenge for our customer was that they had no experience of digital promotions and what was required to run such a promotion. 

Solution –  scan and win promotions

The promotion focused on nectar drinks sold in Tetra Brik® Aseptic Slim 250 cartons and 7 million of these packs with a special design were distributed as part of the three-month campaign. We supported the customer throughout the promotion including overseeing the printing of the unique QR codes onto packs in their factory,  creating the right messages on the pack and developing the web app. Though the customer lacked experience of digital campaigns, they could take advantage of our skilled in-house software developers and partner with external suppliers to develop a quality web app.  

This is how the web app worked. By scanning the special QR code on a pack for the first time, the consumer was directed to a web page where they could register or log in via Facebook. Once the consumer was registered or logged in, he or she was redirected to a step-by-step guide explaining how the promotion works. On the web page, consumers could see their score of virtual coins and how many coins were required to redeem different prizes. Every time a consumer scanned a pack, their score was updated. If they had enough coins, they could redeem a prize at the click of a button and instructions were sent on how to get the prize. Depending on the number of coins collected, they were also entitled to take part in a lottery to win the grand prize of a home entertainment centre.

Using the coins as a prominent graphic design element, the promotion was advertised on TV,  radio and on outdoor poster sites as well as using social media and influencers. 

Results achieved

The collecting of virtual coins to win prizes acted as an incentive for consumers to purchase and scan the next pack of nectar. Each user scanned an average of 4 packs. As a result, sales volumes of the brand of nectar drinks rose by 10% during the campaign compared to same period last year. The campaign achieved the objectives and the customer is very pleased with the results, so much so that they are planning similar promotions in future.

Case in short

Campaign duration

Three months: Oct. 2020 – Jan. 2021


10.6K registered users, 12K scans

10% sales volume increase


14.8K registered users, 55K scans 

10% sales volume increase