White paper: Plant-based frozen desserts are a future delight

Plant-based frozen desserts – sometimes called plant-based ice cream – are booming and becoming mainstream products. And while it’s a long journey from dairy production to plant-based production, our combined knowledge of technology, processes and ingredients can lead you into a new product world.

As we explain in our new white paper, you won’t have to immediately invest in new machinery, just a few small upgrades and adaptations to existing ice cream lines. You can also benefit from our relationships with ingredient partners, and their specialized knowledge and product portfolio.

The market motivations are clear: large and small ice cream producers are making plant-based happen. Even two years ago, almost 30% of new “ice cream” launches were plant-based. In 2022, 351 new plant-based frozen desserts were launched, from a wide variety of sources: avocado, coconut, white beans, cashews, passion fruit, hazelnuts, soyabeans wheat, peanuts, almonds and rice.

While global market forecasts vary quite a bit, most predict stronger growth for plant-based than for dairy ice cream. They support vegan and flexitarian trends, lactose-intolerant consumers, and consumer awareness of environmental issues. Plant-based ice cream taps into the healthy indulgence trend, while often carrying higher margins.

Our new white paper describes the technical challenges of replacing dairy proteins with plant-based proteins. They often have a higher water holding capacity than dairy proteins, increasing viscosity. They may have different effects on fat stabilization, from mix preparation through to the final product. They may also reduce fat agglomeration.

We show you how you can overcome these challenges and produce high-quality products with the right equipment and right methods. And Tetra Pak’s ice cream and frozen dessert experts are available for specialized advice and assistance.

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White paper: Plant-based frozen dessert

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