An improved maintenance service solution

Part of this Asian food and beverage producer’s business is to pack food and beverage for other companies. To be able to secure existing and new co-packing orders, our customer needed to improve delivery reliability, efficiency and performance – although they had good performance already. Unplanned stops frequency needed improvement, too many packages went to waste and operators generally had insufficient skills (partly due to high employee turnover).

Proactive maintenance services

To address these issues, we put a Tetra Pak® Plant Care with Predictable Maintenance Costs agreement in place. This means that we are not just fixing things that are broke. The purpose of this well-scheduled maintenance service is to identify potential problems before they actually occur and thereby reduce unplanned downtime. The service agreement included on-site support and operator training.

Improvements across the board

The efforts – in combination with well-trained operators – resulted in less waste and that the filling machines now run at their rated capacity. The Line Machine Mechanical Effectiveness (LMME) was at a high level already - 90.7% - but we managed to increase it further, up to 95.7%. *Variability was reduced by 60% - from 9.5% to 3.8%.


  • LMME improved by 5% - from 90.7% to 95.7%
  • Variability reduced by 60%

*What is variability? Variability measures the month-on-month differences of Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME), and thus indicates the stability of performance every month and the ability to rely on production targets in future months.

Operator training in factory