​​​​​​​​California-based food & beverage producer meets sales growth by improving equipment performance and capacity utilisation  

Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) increases from 70.0% to 75.5% and capacity utilisation improves 11% in just 18 months 

This California-based co-packer produces a broad product range for consumers in the United States and Canada: dairy beverages, non-dairy beverages, nutritional beverages, soups & broths, ready-to-drink tea & coffee, and wine & spirits. Rising sales required corresponding increases in output, so the producer aimed to improve LMME on certain lines. Given the large number of stock keeping units (SKUs), a systematic and consistent approach to maintenance was essential for improving performance.  

A customised solution based on a thorough needs analysis, combining competence development, onsite maintenance management and Predictive Maintenance 

A cross-functional team of Tetra Pak Expert Services consultants, Service Solutions specialists and Service Engineers first carried out a thorough needs analysis. It then created a customised solution, including competence development, an online solution for real-time PLMS (Packaging Line Monitoring System) data, specialist support and Predictive Maintenance. 

​The solution was delivered by means of an 18-month service agreement with a strong emphasis on execution, including onsite maintenance management in collaboration with plant operators. This strong partnership played an essential role in achieving the ​​​desired results. Operator training set the stage for an even more ambitious approach to building in-house competence in the following phase. 

Results achieved in 18 months

  • Average LMME increase across all lines: 70.0% to 75.5%
  • Unplanned CIP (cleaning-in-place) events reduced
  • Total capacity utilisation: up 11%
  • Tetra Pak milk production