Trends, research and insights

At Tetra Pak, we strive to help food and beverage manufacturers make informed business decisions.  We do this through our continuous research and analysis of market and consumer trends and insights.  Find the latest here.​

A spotlight on food safety and industry. 4.0

Standing still is not an option. As food safety moves up the global agenda, demands are being made by consumers, retailers, regulators and stakeholders to raise the level of food protection around the world. Food safety has risen to prominence for several reasons including growing population, scarcity of natural resources, globalisation, sustainability and advances in modern technology.

Tetra Pak Index - The convergence of health & environment

The 12th issue of Tetra Pak Index focuses on health and the environment. Historically seen as two separate areas, we’re now seeing them converge within food and beverage, which is perhaps the first industry to see this trend. The report explores the drivers of this new trend, and the opportunities it presents for brands going forward. Environment and health, the top two consumers concerns are now seeing an increasing overlap, with a direct correlation perceived between the two

Packaging up millennial success

Millennials are the largest and most influential generation of consumers yet. They’re young, aspirational and demanding; and they spend approximately $600 billion annually. They’re coveted by major brands and represent a significant and disruptive force for the global food and beverage industry.

But who are the Millennials and what makes them so disruptive? Tetra Pak examines this question, identifying the needs that characterize this group of consumers and in turn demonstrates how brands can optimize their products and packaging to meet these needs.

Need states - consumer insights

Need States are used by marketers today to provide a clear, fact-based picture of what motivates a consumer to use a product or service.

Say you’re on the beach and it’s hot, you’re going to go for something refreshing to quench your thirst. In the language of Need States, you are looking for comfort. The same might hold true for cold weather. In that case, most consumers would choose a hot chocolate over a cold soda.

At Tetra Pak, we have adopted the Need States model and theory primarily to support food and beverage manufacturers innovate. Need States is one of today’s most recognised and established tools in helping to understand consumer motivation better. It provides an excellent way to identify innovation white spaces together with customers.

​Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and cognitive computing. Manufacturers and suppliers want to know if this fourth industrial revolution (4.0) is only for large original equipment manufacturers, or can small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit as well?

Johan Nilsson, Vice President Tetra Pak Services, presented a white paper on these issues and others by hosting a live webinar on FoodNavigator on April 17