Need access to new food sources? 

Uncertain where to get your food ingredients when entering a new market or are you looking to launch a new product with alternative food sources? We can help you get started with our extensive food expertise and access to our global network.

How we can help you

Provide insights from our operations

Through our global operations and industry collaborations, we have built a wealth of knowledge about food sources and raw materials. Insights that we can share with you to help you make informed business decisions.

Understand alternative sources of food

Our extensive knowledge about food enables us to provide advice about different food possibilities so you can establish a solution that seizes key opportunities – whether it means improving existing products or introducing a new line of products.

Adapt processing applications

We can support in implementing new or adjusting current processing applications so they fit a variety of food types, protecting the nutrition and taste of the food while making it safe and available across the world.

Hand holdin grains

Transforming side streams in beer brewing

Our patented sterilisation process turns the low-value side stream of spent grain into a high-value functional beverage for the plant-based drink market.

Soya beans in a bowl

No okara waste as soya byproduct turns into opportunity

Whole bean soya, with its potential for high protein and fibre, offers producers and consumers alike an exciting alternative to traditional soya products, and makes use of the full bean, eliminating okara waste.