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Ice Cream Solutions

Whether you want to try new flavours, shapes, styles or much more, the possibilities for developing today’s ice cream products are limited only by your imagination. At the Tetra Pak PDC in Aarhus, Denmark, you can experiment with the latest processing solutions in a complete production environment at semi-industrial scale. In addition to a full stock of ingredients and equipment, you have access to experienced ice cream experts who work closely with you to bring new products to life – and new joy to your consumers.  

Supporting a range of ice cream development needs

The PDC in Aarhus is fully equipped to support trials in virtually any aspect of ice cream production. Our experts can support development in a number of areas:
  • Creation of new products – experiment with a full range of ingredients and process equipment
  • Risk management – try new ingredients, additives or equipment without disturbing your existing production
  • Alignment with market expectations – ensure product quality meets consumer demands, especially when scaling up production
  • Troubleshooting – turn to our experts if you encounter unexplained process challenges
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    Flexible testing options

    Depending on your needs and availability, we offer three different ways to conduct testing:
  • Multi-day, scalable trials conducted together with you at the PDC in Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Standalone tests carried out by our experts
  • Travel-free trials you can live stream from anywhere in the world

    For all options, you receive a full test report as well as samples of the final product (according to the agreement). We can even ship the ice cream samples in insulated containers that keep them frozen, so you can share with stakeholders at home. For your future reference, we also offer videos and photos of the tests.
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    Fully equipped to cover your whole process

    The Tetra Pak PDC in Aarhus is the only such centre in the world that provides trials covering the entire ice cream production process – from ingredient selection to finished product. We can replicate production at a semi-industrial scale with equipment covering the whole process line, including full-size mixing and freezing technologies. You even have access to 3D printing on site, meaning practically limitless possibilities to experiment with new ideas and production methods.
    Experience the PDC’s full capabilities for yourself in this 360° immersive tour below.
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    Product Development Centre for ice cream

    View our PDC for Ice Cream in Aarhus, Denmark, see 3D views of the plant and videos.
    Ice cream experts in PDC

    Expert ice cream insights

    At our PDC, you work with leading experts who can support with more than just processing and equipment questions. With insights from our global organisation, they can even help you understand trends that will shape the ice cream business in the years to come.

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    Visit us

    Considering a visit to our PDC to develop your next great product or take your existing processes even further? Interested in scheduling a travel-free trial? Contact us today to learn about these options and more – we’re happy to help!

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    Where to find us

    PDC for ice cream solutions
    Søren Nymarks Vej 13
    DK-8270 Højbjerg