Curd  blending and buffering

Blending for extending products range

Tetra Pak solutions for curd blending meets the objective having a wide offer of cheese varieties covered by a single line solution. We offer dedicated agitating methods to achieve desired texture and uniform particle distribution of the final product.

Load cells working together with control system adjust the proportion of additives and curd hence support widening recipe proposal as well. The additives can be dosed automatically in liquid form or added manually if loose.

Buffering for safe and efficient process

In buffering, the goal is to temporarily store the product in safe conditions and controlled temperature. Our proposal is meeting those requirements in such a way to minimize product losses and increase efficiency.

Popular applications are Cottage cheese, Grani or Spread Tvarog with many kinds of additives.

Tetra Pak Blender VCC

Tetra Pak Blender VCC

The Tetra Pak® Blender VCC reduces product losses by up to 90% compared to horizontal blenders and provides uniform distribution of particles, down to 25% of full capacity.

Tetra Pak crumbled cheese buffer

Tetra Pak Crumbled Cheese Buffer

Tetra Pak® Crumbled Cheese Buffer for small batches for product diversity. The buffer increase flexibility level of your production line. Produce different flavoured products even from a single curd batch.