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Scaling up the search for new applications for polyAl, Ecuaplastic created their Ecoyarn, an eco-thread that can be used in the manufacturing (weaving) of furniture, as well as a number of decorative home accessories. 

The new, innovative ecological thread is waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Its high quality makes it resistant to the sun, water and marine environment. This is an alternative material to traditional ones such as wicker, mocora and other fibers. Local artisans using the Ecoyarn said that their business has attracted the interest of new customers who seek to make more conscious and responsible purchases.

The video was produced for Tetra Pak by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial content division of BBC Global News, as part of the Better Lives through Better Business series, presented by The Consumer Goods Forum.

Read the full story about Ecuaplastic in this document (PDF)

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