Red Reciclo: a collaborative partnership driving circular economy and waste management in Colombia

Red Reciclo is a partnership comprising 14 companies committed to sustainability, including  Tetra Pak, Postobón, Nestlé, Sistema Coca-Cola, Bavaria, and Carvajal Empaques, among others.

The shared objective of this collaboration is to promote the implementation of resolution 1407 of 2018 - the Extended Producer Responsibility of Containers and Packaging, along with its amendment 1342 of 2020. By embracing these resolutions, the alliance endeavours to lead Colombia towards a circular economy, where waste is treated as a valuable resource.

A hand holding a recycling information folder

The management of Red Reciclo is entrusted to CEMPRE (Compromiso Empresarial por el Reciclaje), a vital organization of which Tetra Pak is a founding member. This 100% multi-material collective plan is pivotal in strengthening the collection chains for various materials, including cardboard, paper, carton packages, plastic, glass, and metal.

Red Reciclo emerged as a powerful solution, unifying the efforts of 14 forward-thinking companies in Colombia. The partnership's core objective is to promote sustainable practices and drive circular economy principles. By focusing on educating consumers about proper solid waste disposal and enhancing collection infrastructure, Red Reciclo seeks to create a robust ecosystem for waste management.

The plan encompasses various projects and programs that prioritize improving the conditions of waste pickers and recyclers. Red Reciclo implements sustainable logistics schemes to transport usable material to transformation or recycling centres. The initiative also invests in strengthening information systems for efficient collection chains, including traceability, ensuring transparency in the recycling process.

During the pilot phase in 2020, Red Reciclo demonstrated its potential by managing 58,336 tons of post-consumer waste. The collective plan integrated numerous programs and projects, effectively building an economy centred around recycling. The initiative not only managed substantial waste but also contributed to raising awareness about sustainable waste management practices.

In 2021, Red Reciclo took significant strides, overseeing 23 initiatives led by the partnering companies and involving 40 waste management associations. This collaboration translates to 19,000 waste pickers contributing across 40 municipalities in four regions of Colombia. The collective efforts have significantly expanded the reach of sustainable waste management practices and have positively impacted communities and the environment.


Companies involved
Coca-Cola, Nestle, Postobon, Cempre

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