​​​​​​​​​​Fast-track your food innovation with Tetra Recart®

Want to experiment with new combinations of flavours and textures? Join us at the Tetra Recart Food Development Centre. Far from the stress of the production hall, you can work creatively with chefs, process- and engineering experts whose experience spans the globe. They can come up with suggestions, tweak your recipes in different directions, solve production issues and make sure you get the results you want in the Tetra Recart packaging system.

Tetra Recart carton packages, modern canned food

​​Established producer or start-up?

As an experienced Tetra Recart producer you can visit the Food Development Centre to try out a new product idea, or to get ideas for revitalizing your range. If you’re a start-up company or new to the canned food business, we can help you originate and refine your first few recipes to suit your new Tetra Recart packaging line.

New flavours and formats

Start your search for inspiration and innovation with a tasting session. You can visit us and sample some of the commercially available products we’ve created with and for other customers. Or taste some of the ideas for flavours and formats that we’ve developed ourselves in our own experimental kitchen. We draw inspiration from chefs and cuisines the world over and can help you satisfy your consumers’ relentless hunger for novelty. 

Localized flavours and textures

A common challenge is fine-tuning your recipe to suit different geographies and target groups – to adapt your product’s taste profile to meet local requirements. If you need to know what bean soup should taste like in China, how Americans like their hummus, or Spaniards their ratatouille, our team is here to help.

Higher profitability with premium appeal

Innovation and consumer appeal are of little interest to manufacturers without profitability. You always need to balance availability, cost and quality. With our food application knowledge we can help you get the most out of your ingredients, or enhance your products to give them premium appeal. 

Experiment with Tetra Recart at your own plant

If you want to experiment at your own site without interrupting normal production, or can’t bring your ingredients to us, why not take advantage of our mobile test unit? This is essentially a pilot packaging line that operates separately from your usual plant. We provide all the equipment and knowledge you need to get started. And once you’re familiar with the unit, you can carry on working with it quite independently. ​