Responsible aluminium sourcing

Strict requirement for the responsible sourcing of aluminium can help protect this scare resource, control its use in packaging and help minimise adverse impacts on the environment and society.

Why responsibly sourced aluminium matters

With increasing demand for aluminium around the world, there needs to be a focus on sustaining a consistent supply, while mitigating associated environmental and social impacts.


To help achieve this, we co-founded the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a global, non-profit standard-setting and certification organisation which has established a global standard that addresses GHG emissions, water use, biodiversity, human and labour rights and OHS. Our aluminium foil suppliers are required to become members and be certified for production and supply chain standards.

Strategic ambitions and 2030 targets for base materials

In addition to the requirements for responsible sourcing that apply to all our purchasing categories, we have even stricter rules for suppliers of the 3.1 million tonnes of base materials sourced for our packaging every year, including aluminium. These are:

• Full traceability for our raw materials1
• No direct or indirect negative land use change

• Certification and third-party verification
• Promote biodiversity, reforestation and regeneration

Responsibly sourced materials

The view of a forest


Our paper-based carton packages come with plant based polymer layers, caps, closures and straws. When responsibly sourced, plant-based polymers are a renewable material.

A tree seen from frog perspective


On average, the paperboard content of our beverage cartons is more than 70%. When responsibly sourced, paperboard is a renewable resource that can, result in a lower carbon footprint than glass, plastic or metal packages

1Full traceability refers to the tracking of a product throughout its production, processing and distribution phases, from the procurement of the raw materials for its manufacture until it reaches the end consumer.