Processing applications for ​​whey powder

Traditionally, whey was regarded as a useless by-product of cheese production. ​Now, thanks to the development of industrial methods like centrifugation, filtering and spray drying, it has become possible to produce a variety of very pure whey derived powders. They can be made efficiently on a large scale for use in applications requiring very high levels of food safety.  All this, combined with a deeper understanding of its nutritional value, means that whey is today regarded as an equally high-value ingredient as the curds.

Whey protein concentra​te / isolate

Containing 0.8% protein, 4.5% lactose and 0.2 % minerals and salts, whey can be dried directly or fractionated into a variety of products. Whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI) are suitable ingredients for infant formula, sports drinks, and fortifying protein beverages for the sick and elderly. They are also used extensively in the food industry, to increase the nutritional value and improve the texture of products such as processed meat, sausages, health foods and candy bars.

The permeate generated during WPC and WPI fractionation can also be dried directly for use in food applications or further purified into lactose for use in infant formula, food and pharmaceutical applications. Finally, demineralised whey powders are also used in infant formula, chocolate and other applications that require a less salty flavour.

Making whey derived powders

After the 10% dry matter in your milk has been made into cheese, how do you extract and turn the whey into valuable whey derived powders? We support customers with expertise and equipment in whey processing, such as protein-extraction fractionation evaporation and drying, and powder handling.

We help you innovate

Our Product Development Centre in the Netherlands is dedicated to helping new producers develop their recipes and processing methods, and to helping existing customers improve their whey quality. Using the small-scale evaporators, dryers and filtration units at our pilot plant means you avoid the expense and mess of running full-scale trials in your own plant. 

Read more about our Product Development Centre for cheese and powder in the Netherlands​ (pdf)