Processing applications for spreads​

Spreads are foods that are applied, generally with a knife, onto bread, crackers and similar foods. A spread is used to enhance the flavour or texture of the food, which may be considered bland without it.

A sandwich spread is a spreadable condiment that goes inside a sandwich and is typically used as an accompaniment for more solid ingredients. Examples include dairy spreads such as soft cheeses and plant-derived spreads such as hummus, an Eastern Mediterranean dish made from cooked, mashed chickpeas.​​

Spreadable cheese

Spreadable cheese is growing in popularity as consumers gravitate to healthy, convenient snacking and seek new experiences such as using soft cheese as a cooking ingredient. ​

The category is diversifying as manufacturers add new flavours and varieties – from full-fat to low-fat, and from particle-free to recipes with herbs and spices. We have the food production knowledge – and the processing equipment – to help you explore all parts of the spreadable cheese universe.​


Vegetable-based foods such as hummus are on the rise to meet the demand for healthier diets. While people are taking care of themselves by consuming more vegetable-based foods, they also see these foods as a way of taking better care of the planet.

Classic hummus is made from chickpeas mixed with tahina, oil, lemon juice and garlic and it is high in protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. The mixing is a challenge because hummus is highly viscous. We have developed the necessary expertise to advise customers about the choice of processing equipment and process parameters in order to obtain hummus of exactly the right quality.

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Processing applications for spreadable cheese

Uniquely flexible multi-functional processing lines from Tetra Pak capable of producing all types of cream cheese and spreadable processed cheese.

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Whatever the spreadable cheese products in your portfolio, to taste success you’ll need a combination of market insights, technical knowhow and expertise in the product itself – all of which you can find here.

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Optimize your hummus process

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