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A new way to clean and save water in powder production

Tetra Pak's Air Jet Cleaning uses air jets in combination with vacuum extraction to clean. Designed to reduce water usage and operational downtime, the Air Jet Cleaning system for powder can reduce product loss by up to 50 litres per 2,000-litre batch compared to a wet CIP (clean-in-place), saving up to one hour for each cleaning cycle.

Separators with AirTight Technology

Highly efficient dairy separator

Today’s energy and environmental concerns call for technologies that produce more and consume less. Tetra Pak® Separators with AirTight & Encapt™ technologies use up to 40% less energy compared to their traditional semi-open counterparts. This is achieved through a combination of gentle product treatment, eliminating the risk of oxygen intake and the use of efficient pumps.

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Water savings with membrane filtration

Traditional food processing often results in wastewater being dismissed down the drain, whereas with our membrane filtration, it’s fit for reuse in production processes. In fact, a 75% water removal can be achieved during whey concentration using reverse osmos membrane filtration.

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Get more out of your cheese production

Now there’s a new way to produce fresh cheeses more efficiently and cost-effectively. The Tetra Pak® Cheese Former system offers whey draining, cheese forming and final shaping in a single unit. Its no-mould design means less need for cleaning which leads to water, steam and energy savings along with less detergent usage and a substantial reduction in product waste compared to a traditional cheese line.

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Squeeze more out of Juice, Nectar and Still Drinks production

Our best-practice line for Juice, Nectar and Still Drinks with aseptic blending produces commercially sterile high-acid beverages while cutting energy use by 67% and water use by 50%. This is compared to a conventional setup where the entire product stream is pasteurized. To reduce energy use, our best-practice line heat-treats only the concentrate and treats water with UV light and filtration. To cut water use, it drastically reduces the full system volume in your pasteurizer, leaving you with less equipment to clean.

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Tetra Pak® Services for improved performance

Mitigate the environmental impact and costs of your operations and identify ways to save water, CO2 and waste across your operations.

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Tetra Pak® Packaging solutions designed towards recycling

Reduce the carbon footprint of your carton packages and cater to consumer preferences with our portfolio of sustainable and responsibly sourced plant-based carton packages.

Factory Sustainable Solutions

Looking to optimise your factory’s utility consumption? Discover a holistic approach to water and energy that helps you get the most out of every kilowatt and every litre.