What are CIP Improvements ?

CIP Improvements can help improve the entire line of CIP process in various aspects such as automation, report generation and customization of CIP as per production requirements, resulting in improved control, safety and efficiency of the process.

Key challenges faced by customers:

High Utilities Consumption

A manual CIP process results in higher utilities consumption due to lower control over production.

Food Safety & Quality

There is a risk of cross contamination of chemicals in food due to manual operation of CIP process.

Report Generation

A manual CIP requires human resources in order to generate reports and analyse data.

CIP Improvement Solutions

As manufacturing operations become more complex, and new products, equipment and complex recipes are introduced, the risks in maintain hygiene and food safety also increase with it. So it is important to keep operations optimized to have the smallest environmental footprint possible while ensuring the integrity of each clean.

To manage the additional food safety risks, a more mature level of CIP is needed. CIP improvement solutions are categorized into 3 levels depending on complexity.

Level 1
CIP Automation

➜ Upgrades manual CIP to automatic
➜ Improve food safety, cost saving & efficiency significantly

Level 2
CIP Optimization

➜ Utilize CIP Digital reports and Process expert to optimize Automation central CIP system

Level 3
CIP Digitalization

➜ Optimize the cleaning procedure and only cleaning according to need


Positive results from CIP Improvements

A real case example of CIP Optimization of a customer operating across 8 different plants. Areas of possible Improvement within CIP Optimization were identified and worked upon.

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