Distinction Need State

The key motivators for what is known as the “Distinction” Need State are the desires to leave a good impression on others, improve personal appearance and show others you know good quality and have good taste. Another motivator is the longing to experience new sensations. Not surprisingly, the main consumer generations motivated by the need for Distinction are 18-29-year-old millennials (indexing at 116 versus other age groups) predominately in China (21%), South Africa, Turkey and Mexico (20% each) and is higher for males compared to females (56% vs. 44%).

Control Need State

Our research reveals that globally, 17% of dairy, juice and still drink beverage occasions were consumed routinely, without much thought and to relieve basic hunger or thirst. “Their rationale is that they just don’t want to feel empty,” explains Michela Vallalta, Global Consumer Intelligence Manager, Tetra Pak. “We call it the Control Need State. Drinking without putting much thought into it but at the same time feeling in control.” According to the research, a higher percentage of 30 – 49-year olds and females versus males (53 vs. 47%) account for beverage occasions which fit within Control and these are highest in Spain (28%), France (24%), South Africa, Japan and Brazil (21%).

Energy Need State

It’s not just athletes or the sports crazy who are looking for extra Energy. Energy boosters are getting people through different moments of the day, from doing housework to working from home. Of all those interviewed, as part of the Tetra Pak Global Need States occasion-based segmentation study, consuming to satisfy the need for Energy accounted for a total of 14% of all dairy, juice and still drink beverage occasions with consumption taking place both at home and out of home, where out of home occasions over-index at 112 versus other Need States..

Comfort Need State

According to our global research, 14% of all beverage occasions, for dairy, juice and still drink beverage occasions, are to satisfy the need for Comfort. In short, Comfort is about creating me moments away from it all and wanting to feel calm and at peace. It’s about humans cocooning and pampering themselves. It’s also about wanting or needing to restore the balance. This could be by choosing a cool, refreshing, thirst-quenching drink on a warm day or a beverage which provides functional benefits to help approach work or everyday tasks in a calm and relaxed manner.

Source: Tetra Pak Global Occasion-based Need States Segmentation Research 2017.