The smart way to run product trials

With a focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing, our Product Development Centres support your efforts to create new, profitable products and evaluate the equipment you need to produce them. Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.

To help you optimise your time and resources, we offer the option to attend trials in person, remotely, or a combination of the two. This is just one of several sustainability advantages you get when you choose to run trials at our pilot facilities. Others include optimising your recipes to save on raw ingredients, and experimenting with different processes to reduce waste, energy and water consumption.

People in PDC testing products

Travel-free trials

Experience the modern, eco-friendly way of conducting product trials with our travel-free trial option. This not only helps reduce transport emissions but also saves on travel costs and time spent. With trial data visualised in real-time, you get a clear understanding of the results as the trial progresses. Plus, you can select who attends which parts of the trial, further streamlining the process.

Food experts testing product

Attend trials in person

Attend product trials in person and experience the thrill of witnessing new product innovations come to life before your very eyes! Our experienced trial leaders are dedicated to making the process as smooth and informative as possible, providing you with a detailed information during your visit and a full report after the trial is complete. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Man looking at process flow on big screen

Hybrid trials

For the best of both worlds, choose our hybrid trial option. Food technologists and others who are experienced in tasting samples direct from the machine can attend on-site while decision-makers join online, to watch or listen to key sections. With easy participation, hybrid trials let you bring the right people together, no matter where they are.

Collaborating with customers at our Product Development Centres

Below we describe how three customers overcame a range of different innovation challenges through collaboration with our Product Development Centres: scaling up production, designing a more versatile processing line, and creating new commercial products from traditional recipes.

Heat treatment equipment

Designing a versatile new production process

Making a fluffy chocolate mousse, a creamy vanilla custard, or a smooth apple purée? Discover how our Product Development Centre helped Eurodesserts design a processing line capable of producing all three.

Hummus in bowl, dipping tortilla chips

Creating a new commercial product from a traditional recipe

Discover how close collaboration and open knowledge sharing with AlMarai led to the successful reproduction of a 40-year-old Egyptian hummus recipe at our Lund Product Development Centre

Find your food category

Which type of food, beverage or technology are you interested in exploring with us? Click on the category below to find out which Product Development Centres have the equipment and expertise you need. And remember, geography isn’t an issue. Remote and hybrid trials are a proven alternative to in-person attendance

Plant-based beverage in cup, bowls with seeds, grains, nuts and almonds



The plant-based category is booming and, despite doubling in value in the last six years, still shows no signs of a slowdown. Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned producer, our Product Development Centres will help you capitalise on plant-based opportunities.

Soy drink and soy beans



Interested in adding new functional ingredients to your soya-based product portfolio, or perhaps expanding into new applications like drinkable yoghurt, cream, ice-cream and cheese? We can help you do it!

Two glasses with milk



If you’re wondering about the future of the dairy category, why not talk to experts as one of our Product Development Centres? We’re confident there’s scope for product and process innovation, and plenty of potential for profitable growth.

Juice and fresh fruits

Juice, nectar and still drinks

Juice, nectar and still drinks

Ready to explore the opportunities in juice, nectars and still drinks (JNSD)? Let’s work together to meet the latest consumer trends with pioneering new flavours and healthier alternatives. Discover cutting edge equipment that maximises your production efficiency, and packages that will make your products stand out.

Tea and coffee drinks in glass jars

Other beverages

Other beverages

Together we can explore new ways to help you win market share — with brilliantly blended carbonated drinks, attention-grabbing teas and perfectly processed coconuts. Take advantage of our expertise in recipe formulation, production and packaging to make your beverage business more profitable.

Tea in glass cup

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee maintain their enduring popularity, with ever-evolving twists to discover. How about a cold brewed coffee…or a sparkling tea? Our Product Development Centre is here to offer you inspiration and hands-on innovation support.

Mature brown coconuts



Keen to cash in on the coconut craze? Or looking to develop your existing coconut-based portfolio? Most of the top 10 coconut beverage brands have grown at double digit rates in the last decade, and there is still room for innovation!

Pumpkin soup in bowl with pumpkin seeds on top

Viscous formulated products

Viscous formulated products

What’s exciting about viscous formulated products is the almost unlimited scope for innovation. Maybe you want to try a new take on a favourite dessert like rice pudding or a create a new chunky soup with rough-cut root veg?

Scoops of ice cream in bowl, vanilla, pear and chocolate

Ice cream

Ice cream

Whatever mouth-watering combination of textures and flavours you’re planning for next season, we can help you make them a reality. How about a raspberry cheesecake ice cream with fruit pieces, topped with white chocolate flakes?

Woman drinking healthy green smoothie

Food supplements & nutrition

Food supplements & nutrition

Sometimes food has a special job to do. Like helping athletes recover after training or providing nutrition for people who’ve recently undergone surgery. These food products are important and sometimes lifesaving. Explore them with us.

Yoghurt in bowl with spoon

Fermented dairy and plant-based products

Fermented dairy and plant-based products

Yogurt, oatgurt, soygurt, kefir, labna, sky, lassi, crème fraiche. Consumers have a seemingly endless appetite for fermented products, made from both dairy and plant-based ingredients. Keen to explore new directions?

Pile of powder and spoon



Are you looking to try out new spray-drying technologies, develop new products, or improve your current production processes? Our specialised Product Development Centres have all the expertise and equipment you need to achieve your ambitions in powder.

Test a new technology

Whichever application you want to explore, you can see how the equipment performs, and take advantage of our cutting edge expertise in a specific process step. The following Product Development Centres (PDCs) are specialised in unit operations.

Hummus and dip sauces in bowls

Product Development Centre, Mixing Solutions

At our Mixing Product Development Centre (PDC), we can help you choose the right mixing technology, so you’ll always get high-quality results.

Powder on wooden spoon

PDC Powder solutions

Our Product Development Centres for Powder can help you with the right solutions so you’ll always get high-quality results.

Other product innovation areas

Fantasy carton package design

Product innovation

Whatever your current vision, we’re dedicated to innovating both with you and for you to build a more resilient and profitable future.

Woman in customer innovation centre

Co-creation journeys

We have some pieces of the puzzle; you have others. Let’s bring all our knowledge and insights together, to find new solutions and transform them into reality.

Food development centre kitchen, cooking session with customer

Food Development Centre

Fast track your food innovation and transform your ideas into commercial products at our Tera Recart® Food Development Centre.