Screening and sifting equipment for powder

Equipment usage

The equipment can be used to:

  • crush lumps before product enters the line. Typically used when powder raw materials are stored in a damp environment or when powder characteristics change with temperature.
  • remove foreign body up to the selected mesh size from the process line.
  • catch ferrous particles in the process line. In many applications, this is compulsory for raw material entry into the process line and also for the purpose of explosion protection.
Tetra Pak Lump Breaker TD041

Tetra Pak® Lump Breaker TD041

The Tetra Pak® Lump Breaker TD041 has a rotating blade that breaks up the lumps in granulates and powder products with static, built-in bars.

Tetra Pak Magnetic Separator TM400

Tetra Pak® Magnetic Separator TM400

The Tetra Pak® Magnetic Separator TM400 efficiently catches ferrous particles in powder and granulated products.

Tetra Pak Sifter TR201

Tetra Pak® Sifter TR201

The Tetra Pak® Sifter TR201 is small, vibration-free and features high hygienic standards.