​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ice cream freezing equipment for efficient and flexible freezing

We offer continuous ice cream ​freezers with capacities from approx. 40 l/h to 4,500 l/h (10 US gals/h to 1190 US gals/h), and the flexibility to handle thousands of different recipes by freezing, churning, blending and aerating the mix in the optimal way needed to produce delicious ice cream for virtually all tastes and occasions.

One highlight is our highly controlled freezing process, which means you get the most consistent end product with negligible variations between the morning's and the evening's output.

Efficient heat transfer enables rapid freezing, which prevents the build up of large ice crystals, and makes it possible to maintain a good mouth feel during a longer storage period.

When adding air, our equipment compensates for pressure variations in the outside air, to give you a product of completely even quality. Minimizing the variation in freezing also brings advantages downstream when it comes to viscous moulding, extrusion and filling.​​

Tetra Pak's first ice cream freezer was introduced in 1948 and some these models are still in operation today. Proof of their excellent quality and craftsmanship!

Equip quickly but pay slowly

Get quick and easy access to Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer with flexible financing solution for stand-alone processing components.


Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer S

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer S for ice cream freezing

These robust freezers are the ideal choice for medium-size and smaller ice cream produc­tion, giving great product uniformity and low production cost.

Continuous Freezers

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer for central refrigeration

Our ice cream freezers are fully computerised freezers with automatic control and comprehensive monitoring of all main production parameters.

Low Temperature kit for Continuous Freezer

Tetra Pak Low Temperature kit for Continuous Freezer

The Tetra Pak® Low Temperature kit for Continuous Freezer reduces energy consumption and enhances product texture.


Interested in other processing components?

Are you looking for other individual component to increase your capacity, extend your product portfolio, or upgrade a current line? Whatever you produce, and whatever your production challenges, we have the processing components that can optimise your operations – from homogenisers to separators, mixers, heat exchangers and more. And we’ve made it easy for you to buy, install and operate – customised to your process and production requirements as well as your product recipes. Our robust, customisable and high-performance components provide superior food and beverage processing – reducing energy consumption, downtime, and waste. And ready for new product launches. You can also draw on our food and production expertise, application support, and other extensive services to add value to your operations. This includes service support 24/7 and genuine spare parts delivered within 48 hours – even supported by financing options like leasing when you need it.