The future is digital

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the food & beverage industry. They are already enabling manufacturers to work much more efficiently and facilitating improvements in:
  • Value chain monitoring
  • Transparency
  • Tracking of individual products
  • Quality control - food safety
  • Connection between brands and consumers
  • Data collection - consumer understanding
  • Waste reduction - sustainability and circularity
  • Digital Future

    Tetra Pak® Connected Package

    Digitalisation is extending packaging’s traditional role and opening up a whole world of new opportunities. Enabled by a unique code on every package, connectivity allows producers to turn their products into data carriers. Package codes can enhance consumer engagement while also gathering information in a valuable two-way feedback loop.
    Full traceability of individual packages will soon be possible for the first time, adding value to stakeholders along the value chain - from logistics to recycling.
    Tetra Pak Connected Package

    Packages are rapidly transforming into channels for information and interaction

    Our industry has already taken its first important steps on the journey from traditional packaging to tomorrow’s intelligent packaging. It began with the codified package, which had a printed code but limited connectivity. Now we’ve reached step two, the connected package. We’re combining Tetra Pak’s Connected Package platform with unique code printing to enable consumer engagement solutions - and soon also package traceability.
    Beyond this lies step three - intelligent packaging. In the future, packages and devices will be able to communicate with one another, providing new levels of service and insights for customers and consumers.


    Connected Package platform

    Connected Package platform

    The Connected Package platform, launched by Tetra Pak and powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, brings benefits to food manufacturers, brand owners, retailers/e-tailers and consumers alike. It enables the creation of new solutions that will help our industry meet global challenges and change the face of food and beverage manufacturing as we know it today.
    We are in the midst of a digital revolution – sometimes called the 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. Our Connected Package platform prepares you for full and successful participation in the new, digitised business environment.
    For manufacturers and brand owners

    For manufacturers/brand owners

    The new Connected Package platform will enable end-to-end traceability to improve production efficiency, increase quality control and transparency. Manufacturers will be able to track and trace the history and location of any product, making it possible to monitor for market performance and any potential issues.
    For retailers/e-tailers

    For retailers/e-tailers

    It will offer greater supply chain visibility and real-time insights, enabling retailers or e-tailers to track stock movements, receive alerts when issues occur, and monitor delivery performance. Full transparency throughout the entire supply chain will soon become possible.
    From farm to recycling

    For consumers

    It will enable access to vast amounts of information such as where the product was made, the farm that the ingredients came from and where the package can be recycled. And it also opens up a direct communication channel to their favourite brands through fun games and apps where they can give feedback.


    One platform. Multiple solutions

    One platform. Multiple solutions

    The Tetra Pak® Connected Package platform has the potential to enable multiple solutions. First up is our Consumer Engagement offer – supporting interactive marketing campaigns that build consumer loyalty, boost sales and enhance consumer confidence. A Track & Trace solution is currently under development and will be announced shortly.
    Tetra Pak provides a combination of hardware and software for every solution, plus all the technical and marketing support you need to get started and run successful campaigns. Our offer includes the equipment for generating and printing a unique code on every package, a portal and APIs for app development, a campaign creation tool and a dashboard for monitoring real-time results. Designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, the Tetra Pak® Connected Package platform is available all over the world and scalable to your needs.
    Consumer Engagement

    Consumer Engagement

    With this solution, the package becomes a gateway to exciting new digital product experiences. Consumer Engagement enables finely targeted and rapidly adjustable marketing campaigns using real-time feedback. It also enables brand owners to share product information that confirms authenticity and builds trust among consumers.
    Track and trace code

    Track & Trace (coming soon)

    The unique code on each package will enable end-to-end traceability and value delivery across the ecosystem by providing
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Inventory management and distribution intelligence
  • Claims management and targeted product recalls
  • Product source/process transparency
  • Recycling information

    Virtual currency boosted sale

    The collecting of virtual coins to exchange for prizes was an incentive for consumers to purchase and scan packs of nectar. Coins could be exchanged for prizes during this scan and win campaign. As a result, sales of the brand of nectar rose by 10%.
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    Dairy producer in Central America built brand values with scan and win promotion

    A dairy company launched a scan and win promotion in the run-up to Christmas. The promotion was a success that far exceeded expectations. Sales rose by 28%. They sold 300,000 litres more milk in December 2020 compared to 2019.
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    Leading brand of nectar drinks regenerated interest in their brand

    Sales of nectar drinks increased almost instantly as thousands participated in an instant prize draw. A scan and win promotion was a new way to connect with consumers and gave a deeper insight into consumer behaviour with real-time scanning data.
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    How a market-leader in dairy production generated more sales

    How do you generate more sales when you are already market-leader? A European dairy company ran a series of three national scan and win promotions and saw their share of the flavoured milk market rise from 30.3% to 33.8%.
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    Digital consumer engagement campaign boosted brand awareness

    The first ever digital consumer engagement campaign in Russia boosted brand awareness. Our customer gained actionable insights after nearly 90,000 consumers scanned a QR code on packs of juice.
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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sales increased by 18%

    Sales went up by 18% when one of our customer in Central America followed up a launch of a high-protein milk with a scan and win promotion. They used relevant content and attractive prizes to engage the consumers.
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    Crowdfunding via promotion created goodwill

    Thousands of consumers took part in a connected package campaign in Latin America. They scanned packages to generate points for a good cause. Brand awareness increased dramatically as well as goodwill.
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    A European company gained a wealth of information about their customers

    94% of users completed a quiz when a European dairy company ran a scan and win promotion. The quiz had an educational role to highlight the benefits of the products promoted in the campaign.
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    A Chinese dairy boosted brand awareness

    A dairy company in China created brand loyalty with a new generation of Chinese consumers using a scan and win promotion. The yoghurt sales went up by 12%.
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    Get a glimpse into the future

    Get a glimpse into the future: imagine how interactive labels could increase consumer engagement and meet consumers’ needs for product information.
    Fun and functional packages

    Consumer Engagement – making your packages more fun… and more functional

    Our solution includes scan & win and loyalty campaigns, as well as consumer product transparency. What are the four main benefits for brand owners?
  • Boost sales through engaging interactive campaigns
  • Strengthen the value of your brand and position it as a digital forerunner
  • Get actionable, real time insights to make your campaigns more successful
  • Improve marketing ROI with precisely targeted and adjustable campaigns
  • Technical paper: Intelligent packaging

    This paper discusses how digital technologies, enabled by the Industry 4.0 revolution, are offering manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers new ways to interact with each other and understand how products are produced, distributed, consumed and recycled. All this, thanks to greater connectivity and the connected package.
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    Webinar: How is digitalisation changing the role of packaging?

    In this webinar, we look at how to unleash new opportunities to get more value from packaging. Packaging is no longer only about product protection and functionality – it is also about connectivity and experiences. Packaging is evolving thanks to the advent of digitalisation. The digital journey has three fundamental phases, codified, connected and intelligent package. This webinar focuses on the second phase: the connected package.
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    Recipe for a successful promotion

    Recipe for a successful promotion

    What does it take to create an interactive Scan & Win promotion?
  • Generate and print unique ID on each package.
  • Use our developer portal and API library to create your own mobile application.
  • Let your consumers scan the code and win prizes.
  • Monitor your campaign via the customer portal, collect real-time data and make adjustments if needed.