About the Event

Under the theme “Unlocking Innovation” Tetra Pak will once again be at Gulfood Manufacturing which is taking place between 7th – 9th November 2023 in Dubai. Below you can find more details about our presence.

The innovation journey

The journey starts from our reception where you will register yourselves. Your first point of call, after registration, is the sustainability booth. Moving on, you will experience innovations from across the world at the MSV station. The next station is where you can find all our portfolio offerings. To experience our expertise across the value chain, you will then visit our end-to- end section and learn more about our Processing, Services, Automation and digital, and Supply Chain. To end your journey head over to the refreshment area or use one of our fully equipped meeting rooms to conduct your pre-booked meetings.



Gfm Inovation Journey

Stations at our booth

Driving sustainability transformation

Driving sustainability transformation

  • Our booth, along with the furniture and planters are made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons.
  • We will showcase that Tetra Pak is a committed partner in our customers’ sustainability jouney.
Marketing services

Marketing services

Let’s discover together how the different categories – juice, dairy, plant-based, food, and ice cream are evolving while discussing on innovative ideas and products.
Shaping new opportunities

Shaping new opportunities

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities so that you do not miss a chance to redefine your brand’s success.

Connecting the value chain

Gfm Processing


Tetra Pak acknowledges the challenges faced by dairy producers and is committed to understanding market dynamics to provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.
Gfm Automation & Digital

Automation & Digital

We are committed to delivering a value driven, competitive, and industry-aligned Automation, Digital, and Solutions portfolio that seamlessly integrates, optimizes, and connects customer operations across food processing, packaging, material handling, and consumer engagement.
Gfm Services


We believe that there are different solutions for different needs and that is why our services portfolio covers a myriad of offerings.
Gfm Supply chain

Supply chain

Our supply chain team provides world-class value-added services as well benefiting from the exposure to all best-in-practice operations globally.

Food Concepts

Our mission is to assist our customers in expediting the introduction of these innovative consumer goods to the market.

Gfm Food Concept

Seminar 1: Sustainable solutions: navigating sustainability with Tetra Pak services

November 7th, 2023

16:00 – 16:45

Join us at Gulfood for an enlightening seminar hosted by Tetra Pak Services Business, where we delve into 'Sustainable Solutions.' Discover the latest sustainable practices and innovative approaches in the food and beverage industry. Learn how Tetra Pak Services can help your business navigate the path toward a future where we can save cost and carbon together!

Gfm Seminar 1

Seminar 2: How to reshape the juice industry by engaging more with consumer needs?

November 8th, 2023

11:00 -11:45

How can we reshape the Juice industry by positioning our product according to consumer needs? We have seen 3 big stories that are currently happening in the markets around the world, and we will explore together what are the consumers’ needs and how the industry is answering accordingly. We will navigate through established propositions, toward what is trending and looking as well at alternative consumptions during the same occasion.

Gfm Seminar 2