​Saudi Paediatric Association and Tetra Pak® unify efforts to raise awareness

Tetra Pak®, the leading food processing and packaging solutions company, has launched the "Milk in Tetra Pak® is Preservative free" campaign. Organized in cooperation with the Saudi Paediatric Association, the campaign is designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of milk, and the processing and packaging methods that can guarantee supplying the highest quality dairy products without the need to add preservatives.

Ziyad AlJadid, marketing manager,Tetra Pak® Arabia Area, expressed his pride in unifying efforts with the Saudi Paediatric Association. He stated that the campaign's goal is to educate consumers and help them better understand the long life dairy products they consume daily and to clarify the stages of the production process that can guarantee the highest level of quality – both of which are issues that are not sufficiently known.

Dr. Abdullah Al Omair, head of the Saudi Paediatric Association said:  "Milk plays an important role in improving digestion, strengthening eye sight, blood clotting, energy consumption and the formation of red blood cells. It is also beneficial for blood pressure, skin health and the immune system, as well as enhancing psychological functions and supporting the body's overall growth. All these benefits would not be reaped unless milk is consumed in its natural, fresh form."

He added: "Milk and its by-products are nutrient rich sources which can include dietary nutrients that are otherwise not provided in their natural form. This is because it contains a high percentage of calcium and other dietary elements essential for strong bones and teeth, such as phosphorus and potassium. Milk also contains high quality protein necessary for building and strengthening muscle. We highly value the advanced technology used by Tetra Pak® in treating dairy products and maintaining their purity, benefits and safety."

In line with Tetra Pak's® commitment to make food safe and available everywhere, AlJadid stated that the company is the innovator of the multi-layer safety pack technology, which protects the nutritional content of packaged material from light, oxygen, bacteria and any organic products that can cause damage to food. Tetra Pak® also maintains its quality at normal temperatures with no need for refrigeration or the use of preservatives.

This technology caught the attention of milk and dairy manufacturers worldwide and soon became their preferred choice in keeping dairy products in a safe and natural manner for up to six months. Tetra Pak containers have six different layers protecting its constituents from any external factors.

In order to obtain the highest levels of hygiene and sterilization, Tetra Pak® containers go through ultra-high-temperature processing (UHT) which destroys bacteria through exposing milk's constituents to temperatures as high as 145 degrees Celsius for 3-4 seconds and then cooling them immediately. The UHT process works on ridding milk of any micro-organisms whilst maintaining its benefits and nutrients.

After the UHT process is completed Tetra Pak® containers are sealed in a way that protects the product for several months, ensuring it will reach the consumer without any loss in quality or nutritional value and without any change in the original taste and color. This process is the real and tangible embodiment of Tetra Pak's motto: "Protects What's Good".

The Saudi Paediatric Association, which was founded in 1981, is focused on developing scientific thinking in all its relevant industries and specializations, establishing specialized scientific activities, expanding scientific consultation in pa​ediatrics and developing its professional and scientific practices. The association also participates in child care planning, spreading health awareness, giving information about prevention and treatment, and providing support for sick children. In addition, the association facilitates the exchange of scientific research results and ideas between local agencies, foreign agencies and relevant institutions.  — SG

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