​​​​​​​​Heat exchangers for consistent high quality results

Regardless of whether you're producing meatballs in sauce, jam with strawberries, chocolate pudding or plain white milk, the process involves heat treatment, and this usually means using heat exchangers. Your choice of heat exchanger depends on the attributes of the product in question, such as its viscosity and particle size. More complex and demanding products - with particles and higher or variable viscosity - require heat exchangers with a more complex tube design to promote the correct product flow.

The key thing is to ensure the most efficient and reliable heat treatment possible, so that you get a consistently high quality end result with the desired colour, flavour and texture.

Tetra Pak offers heat exchangers that are suitable for use with all kinds of different kinds of products. High thermal efficiency is something that they all have in common, enabling low energy consumption.

Over 27, 000 heat exchangers are installed by our customers around the world!

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Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger

Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger for food products

The Tubular Heat Exchanger is very flexible and adaptable for the processing of viscous and particulate food products and food with fibres or pulp.

Tetra Pak® Plate Heat Exchanger

Tetra Pak Plate Heat Exchanger for food products

Tetra Pak Plate Heat Exchanger is a range of reliable and energy efficient plate heat exchangers optimized to maintain product quality

Contherm four sizes

​​​​​​​​Contherm Scraped-surface heat exchanger

Contherm scraped-surface heat exchanger is suited for hygienic heating and cooling of viscous, sticky and particulate food products.

Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger

Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger

Coiled tubular heat exchanger designed to provide efficient heating and cooling of low to high viscous and smooth to particulate products