​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Developing the next generation

Our global Future Talent Programme  is a strategic long-term approach to harness and develop the next generation of talented employees. It involves establishing partnerships with selected universities, hiring an annual cohort of promising graduates and providing them with globally-structured training and development. ​

Our Future Talent graduate leadership programme continued in 2019. We hired our third annual cohort, with 148 participants joining us around the world, bringing the total number to 487. Since the programme began in 2017, 268 participants have completed the programme and are continuing their journey of growth at Tetra Pak; only 30 have left us. We are now using this programme to continue to strengthen both our national and gender diversity and our fourth round of recruiting for 2020 has started.

“I was surprised by the genuine appreciation my colleagues have for Tetra Pak and its products and the way they embrace the company values. I was also instantly in love with the cultural diversity I found in my team.” - Lisa Giovetti, Future Talent recruit

“Being part of the Tetra Pak community gives a unique opportunity to not only get insights into the future of the CPG industry but also to use the information to support our customers to grow.” - Meike Behrens, Future Talent recruit

Learning on the job

We believe that learning on the job and from colleagues is the most effective way to develop talent. All our graduate-hires work for us in ‘real jobs’ while undertaking a comprehensive development programme. On completion of the course, we offer employment to all our Future Talent graduates.

Graduates are trained through one of three tracks:

  1. Leadership: a 24-month programme with the aim to develop broad business knowledge in an international environment.
  2. Technical: a 12-month programme with the focus of developing engineering capabilities in an accelerated way. 
  3. Internship: a variable length induction phase with the focus to provide a technical foundation for students before embarking on their project assignment. ​

​“I’m really proud of this programme, and I’m confident we're going to hire even more brilliant graduates this year – and the year after that! We have really upped our recruitment efforts and – so far – the feedback is really encouraging.” – Gabriele Youd, Director Future Talent & Future Work​​

Our global mentoring programme

Our global mentoring programme is for employees we identify with leadership potential who have been with us between five and ten years. We specifically focus on employees that we view as representing a minority, for example women or employees from Asia. The programme includes a year of mentoring, where we connect experienced managers with emerging leaders and offer monthly mentoring meetings and job shadowing.​