Challenges and solutions of producing plant-based foods

If you’re an integrator/distributor then this on-demand webinar is for you. Discover more about the challenges and solutions when producing plant-based foods such as hummus, plant-based alternative for cheese and other plant-based spreads. We will dive into the Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer and its key technologies. Producing a hummus with just a couple ingredients? A mayonnaise (both vegan and non-vegan) in just a couple of minutes? Producing plant-based foods requires new insights but can still have simple and straightforward processes.
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Event speakers:

Todd Phillips
Key Component & Technology Leader

Based in Vernon Hills, IL, USA, Todd Phillips, Tetra Pak’s Key Component & Technology Leader and Cluster Category Leader Dairy, Americas, brings more than 30 years of technical and commercial processing and packaging experience to his role. He is responsible for the product management, sales, marketing, distribution, sustainability, and innovation of Tetra Pak’s Key Component and Dairy portfolios throughout the Americas. Tetra Pak’s Key Component portfolio includes: heat exchangers, separators, homogenizers, and high shear mixers. Todd joined Tetra Pak in 1990.

Erik Börjesson
Line Solutions Manager

Erik joined Tetra Pak in 2015 as a food technologist focusing on nutritional products. In 2018 his role was expanded to also cover the line solution responsibility of liquid nutritional’s, spreads, soups, sauces and ready meals. As such, Erik is commonly involved in customer projects as well as a stakeholder in internal innovation projects.
Erik has a PhD in Food Technology and Engineering from Lund University as well as a master’s degree in engineering.

Mads Sørensen
Regional Sales Manager, Tetra Pak

Mads is the Regional Sales Manager for cluster Asia Pacific at Tetra Pak Scanima Denmark. His main responsibility is to ensure the right technical solutions to end customers, support and lead customer trials in our PDC and to support and train the cluster with technical know-how on High Shear Mixers. He joined Tetra Pak in 2018.

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