May 30th to June 2nd in Helsinki, Finland

World Circular Economy Forum 2023: Circular solutions for nature and the economy

A truly circular economy can only be achieved through continued collaboration across the industry, which is why Tetra Pak is delighted to be participating in the World Circular Economy Forum 2023.

Taking place on 30th May, it will explore cross-cutting themes that explain circularity’s role in protecting nature and the economy, as well as the part that the younger generation can play in this transition.

The opening session will underline the importance of sustainable resource management for effective action on well-being, prosperity and equality. It will also highlight the need for a shared vision on a circular economy, leaning on regenerative principles and an urgency in scaling up circular solutions.

As part of this session, Roberto Franchitti, Tetra Pak’s Executive Vice President and Business Unit Head for Tetra Pak’s Services Organisation will be taking part in a panel discussion covering questions including:

  • An industrial system that is regenerative by intention and design. Is it possible?
  • Can we get better at demystifying financing a circular economy?
  • What are the key success factors in the creation of a circular market?

Touching on Tetra Pak’s services business model, which is built upon the principles of a circular economy, Roberto will outline the ways in which the company is pushing traditional boundaries. As an end-to-end solutions provider, the ultimate goal is to maximise the value and lifespan of equipment while minimising waste. He will also reinforce the need to work together to drive meaningful change and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Roberto Franchitti
Roberto Franchitti, Executive Vice President for Services