​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak acquires asset management consultancy to boost productivity for food and beverage producers

Tetra Pak has announced its acquisition of South African based asset management company Gaussian to enhance its existing outcome-based solutions1 for customers.

The acquisition is a result of a longstanding relationship between Tetra Pak and Gaussian. The companies have previously collaborated to develop and deploy plant-wide performance analysis services. These include benchmarking and opportunity analysis to identify cost saving and efficiency opportunities, delivered through services such as Tetra Pak® Plant Secure launched in 2018.

Tetra Pak’s customers will now have access to solutions based on industry physical asset management best practices. This enables them to maximise the value they can create in their factories through an informed ‘data-driven’ approach towards increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Roberto Franchitti, Executive Vice President Services, said: “Tetra Pak Services aims to be the world’s leading provider of Services to the Liquid Food industry, at the forefront of technology to help our customers excel in quality and performance.  The acquisition of Gaussian is a perfect addition to the Tetra Pak Services portfolio; their industry leading suite of tools, analytical and simulation capabilities means we can help our customers optimise their operations and competitiveness even more than ever. I am very excited by the opportunities this acquisition brings both for Tetra Pak Services and for the industry in general.”

Dean Griffin, Director Gaussian commented: “Having worked closely with Tetra Pak for a number of years, the decision to join the company was a natural one. We see more opportunities opening up by combining our respective areas of expertise. Tetra Pak’s unrivalled experience within the F&B industry and our knowledge of strategic modelling means we will be able to offer real business improvements for Tetra Pak’s customers.’

Founded in 2015, Gaussian has extensive international experience in asset management. The firm has delivered its services to a range of sectors including mining, power, infrastructure and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Gaussian also played a leading role in drafting ISO 55000, 55001, 55002, the first set of international standards for asset management.​

1 Outcome-based solutions provide quantifiable and measurable value to Tetra Pak’s customers. This is achieved through services that improve plant efficiency, optimise processes, reduce costs and as a result generate growth opportunities.​

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Analyzing data, Tetra Pak Plant Secure

Analyzing data, Tetra Pak Plant Secure

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Handshake, Tetra Pak Plant Secure

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