Tetra Pak announces first collaboration with food processing technology incubator


Lausanne, Switzerland (15 NOVEMBER 2022): Tetra Pak announces its collaboration with Fresh Start, a leading food technology incubator that works with a portfolio of start-ups to provide technological solutions to some of the challenges facing the global food systems.

As Tetra Pak’s first collaboration with a food processing technology incubator, this initiative will combine the company’s industry expertise with Fresh Start’s innovative approach to drive solutions that will contribute to improving food systems resilience. Its portfolio of solutions includes Bountica, a fermentation-based mechanism that prolongs the shelf life of food and beverage products and Alteco, a device which helps production facilities manage their energy consumption. Fresh Start is based in Israel, one of the world’s major centres of food innovation and investment.

Through joining forces with Fresh Start, Tetra Pak will be able to share its knowledge in developing new food solutions directly with food innovators in Israel through tailored consulting sessions. They will also provide opportunities for the start-ups to engage directly with Tetra Pak, assisting the start-ups as they scale up, with access to product development centres and support for research and development.

Rodrigo Godoi, Vice President Processing Portfolio Management, Tetra Pak, comments: “We are excited to collaborate with Fresh Start as together we can push boundaries and perspectives to drive much-needed development and innovation. The current food system is not sufficiently resilient to meet the demands of our growing population. By working together and combining Tetra Pak’s decades of industry experience and expertise with the breakthrough innovations of food incubators such as Fresh Start, we can accelerate new food solutions that create novel avenues for addressing the challenges of the modern food systems. Our aim is always to support our customers to continue to produce the most sustainable and nutritious food products around the world.”

Noga Sela Shalev, CEO, Fresh Start, adds: “Our collaboration with Tetra Pak marks a significant opportunity to accelerate the development of solutions from our start-ups that will prepare our food systems for future use. As a leader in the food technology ecosystem in Israel, Fresh Start is well positioned to support Tetra Pak's innovation interests in the country. The incubator start-ups are at the forefront of food innovation, and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve with Tetra Pak’s guidance and support.”

Tetra Pak’s collaboration with Fresh Start was launched at Fresh Start’s Demo Day event at the start of Israel’s Agrifood Week, with attendees including start-ups and investors from across the food industry. 

About Fresh Start
Fresh Start is a global Foodtech incubator operating under the Israel Innovation Authority incubator program umbrella, part of the emerging agri-food cluster in Northern Israel. It is run by a consortium of four leading partners: Tnuva, Israel's largest food manufacturer; Tempo, a leading beverage company; OurCrowd, Israel's most active venture investor and Finistere Ventures, a global agri-food venture capital firm. All partners provide a professional, resourceful, and supportive international network to develop early-stage food tech concepts and startups into maturity. To date, the incubator established its position as a significant player in the local and global food tech industry and has invested in 10 ventures in various fields and technologies throughout the value chain of food and beverages: alternative proteins, extended shelf life, sugar reduction, improved nutritional value, software solutions for value chain management.

More information about Fresh Start available at https://fresh-start.co.il/

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