Go Nature. Go Carton.


Taking carton packages with recycled content to the next level 

Using certified recycled polymers in food packaging is an important step towards transforming waste into new resources and decreasing reliance on virgin, fossil-based materials. In 2022, we were the first carton packaging manufacturer to offer solutions using certified recycled polymers2. Since then, we’ve continually broadened our portfolio to encompass new formats, geographies, and product categories.

Keeping plastic out of landfills

The certified recycled polymers used in the caps, tops and coatings of some of our carton packages are produced under the ISCC chain of custody attribution method. This means that the plastics are made of a mix of recycled and non-recycled materials, but that the corresponding mass of recycled materials has been tracked throughout the Tetra Pak supply chain. This is verified by a third-party auditor. Our ISCC certificate number is: ISCC-PLUS-Cert-US201-70601804.

Responding to consumer demand with certified recycled polymers

Consumer choices are evolving, with an increasing preference for products and packages made from recycled materials. Our Sustainable Packaging Consumer Research 2023 reveals that 78% of consumers are concerned about plastic waste and 29% would consider purchasing more packages where recycled material is used3

We have been the first carton packaging manufacturer to offer solutions using certified recycled polymers, working together with Elvir in France to launch the first cap for beverage cartons with certified recycled polymers in 2022. New collaborations in the European market have since been initiated with leading brands such as Emmi (Switzerland), Lactalis (France) and Valio (Finland).

Certification beyond cartons

With ten certified production sites globally, spanning eight in Europe and two in the North & South America, we are expanding the production of packaging materials and additional materials using certified recycled polymers. We plan to go further and are aiming to use at least 10% recycled plastics in our packages in Europe by 2030. Our goal is for all our packaging to be made from responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled polymers, and to end the extraction of fossil-based raw materials*.

*This means creating cartons that are fully made of renewable or recycled materials, that are responsibly sourced, thereby helping protect and restore our planet's climate, resources and biodiversity; contributing towards carbon-neutral production and distribution; are convenient and safe, therefore helping to enable a resilient food system; are fully recyclable.

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On the shelves: A paper-based barrier

We have introduced the Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 Slim Leaf carton with a paper-based barrier, that is a first within food carton packages distributed under ambient conditions.

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Discover our plant-based portfolio

Our portfolio of plant-based carton packages features responsibly sourced, renewable materials like paperboard and sugarcane polymers used for caps, protective layers and coatings – all from certified responsibly managed and controlled sources.

Water filtering machine

Reduce water use in your operations

The Tetra Pak® Water Filtering Station (WFS) reduces water consumption by up to 95% in filling lines compared to a packaging line that does not use WFS.