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Speed, cost savings and environmental benefits

We are committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain by 2050. An important part of our total climate impact comes from the equipment sold to and used by food and beverage manufacturers. That’s why we are innovating towards efficient packaging, processing and service solutions for our customers.

Tetra Pak® E3 Speed Hyper uses of eBeam technology for packaging material sterilisation: an electron beam unit replaces the traditional hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sterilisation process, while guaranteeing the same sterilisation effect. This cuts chemical consumption by 99%, and it reduces energy consumption by about a third since there is no need for H2O2 preheating, heating and drying. 

Electron beam packaging material sterilization also has the potential to reduce water consumption by up to 60%, and makes water recycling easier, due to reduced use of chemicals. And, it’s extremely fast, enabling Tetra Pak’s latest filling machine, the Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper, to produce up to 40,000 portion packages per hour, which is the highest speed in the aseptic carton packaging industry today.

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