​​Frontiers of Food Quality

Ensure Optimal Taste, Colour, Texture and Nutritional Value

Consumers expect that the packaged food they choose to buy will taste good and be safe to eat or drink. Retailers demand that the packages they offer for sale can be handled through complex supply chains without damage or wastage and are attractive on their shelves. And food manufacturers must be able to pack their products economically while guaranteeing that they will maintain their nutritional value, appearance, taste and smell for the required shelf-life and most importantly, will not cause harm to consumers.

Tetra Pak plays a vital role in meeting these various, and sometimes competing, demands. This paper explains how Tetra Pak® Services helps customers maintain the highest possible standards of Food Quality and demonstrates how our services add value through the supply chain from packaging through distribution and on to a consumer’s home.

Download and read the full technical paper.

Tetra Pak food quality technical paper.