Beverages based on rice, nuts, grains and soybeans

Beverages based on rice, nuts, grains and/or soybeans (RNGS) are among the fastest growing in many markets today and forecasts indicate that growth will be sustained or even increase. This is an exciting product group that involves almost endless possibilities for new formulations and combinations. The RNGS raw materials represent a wide spectrum of characteristics.

It is not only hundreds of different ingredients and thousands of different combinations of raw materials that are used. One must also take into account the variations depending on the season, growing conditions, where the crop is grown etc. All in all, this means new challenges for the lab, for example when it comes to assessing shelf life stability of these products.

This white paper provides an introduction to the development of an objective method for measuring shelf life stability of RNGS products – the RNGS stability test.​

White paper - Please note: Downloadable asset in English​​​

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