Scan and win promotion boosted consumer engagement

Customer challenge – revive sales

With a 20% market share, Nutri is the second biggest white milk brand in Ecuador. However, in 2021, the Ecuadorian economy was, like many others, suffering as a result of the pandemic and consumer spending was down. LSA’s products in Tetra Fino Aseptic pouches were still selling well, but the dairy wanted to give products in Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 square a boost. They were open to suggestions on how to achieve this.

Our solution – digital promotion to boost consumer interest

Tetra Pak’s sales and marketing staff make a point of keeping customers up to date on the new technologies we can provide. So, it was only natural for Sofia Olivo, Ecuador Marketing Coordinator and Natalia Rodriguez, LSA’s Key Account Manager, to present our consumer engagement solutions when the opportunity arose. The Ecuadorian dairy was excited by the idea of running a digital marketing campaign and keen to get started right away.

The solution they chose was a scan & win promotion that rewarded consumers with immediate prizes. People bought a Nutri product in a TBA 1000 square package, scanned the code and scratched the lucky clover (Nutri’s recognisable visual symbol) to win.

Consumer engagement with scan and win campaign

Read how the Nutri used a modern digital promotion to boost consumer interest in traditional white milk products. The producer not only saw an 8% increase in engagement, but also benefitted from real-time visualisations showing how consumers interacted with their packages.