Recybot lets commuters in the Dominican Republic exchange recyclables for travel credit

These innovative reverse vending machines represent a new approach to post-consumer collection in the Dominican Republic. Recybot units are strategically placed at various stations within the Santo Domingo Metro system.

Background and initiative – incentivised recycling

The concept is simple but effective – users can exchange their used Tetra Pak cartons and other packages to charge their travel card for the public transportation system. This incentivised instant reward system encourages repeated usage of Recybots, promoting widespread awareness about the recyclability of these materials and boosting collection rates.

Prior to the introduction of Recybot, recycling initiatives in the Dominican Republic faced challenges in motivating individuals to actively participate in recycling efforts. Convenience, awareness, and lack of incentives were major hurdles to overcome. The objective was to create a seamless recycling experience, making it efficient and beneficial for all stakeholders, including consumers, public transportation users, and the environment.

People in front a recycle station

Image: A Recybot exchanges Tetra Pak cartons and other recyclable containers for travel credit.

Results – a transformative solution Introducing

Recybot reverse vending machines has provided an innovative and convenient solution to transform recycling in the Dominican Republic. Recycling has become more attractive by integrating these machines into consumers' daily routines, particularly at high-traffic locations on the Santo Domingo Metro system and at the Las Americas International Airport. Users can receive immediate compensation in the form of credit in Dominican pesos for their recyclable packages, encouraging regular usage of Recybot machines.

The multi-material capability of Recybot sets a new standard for recycling in the Caribbean. Moreover, the machines were proudly designed and manufactured locally, emphasising the program's commitment to supporting the local economy.

Looking ahead – more locations and shopping discounts

Through strategic expansion efforts, Recybots have found their place at key stations, including Centro de los Heroes, Maria Montez, Juan Pablo Duarte, Concepción Bona, and Eduardo Brito. Recent installations at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA) have further solidified the program's success. Plans to set up Recybots at La Isabela Airport and Puerto Plata Airport will continue to promote recycling while providing additional benefits to consumers through discounts at partner stores.

Recycle station in a subway

Image: Recybots accept Tetra Pak cartons, Pet bottles and aluminium cans

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