Nestle's door-to-door collection programme drives change with support from Tetra Pak and KPT Recycle

Tetra Pak and KPT Recycle supported Nestle in launching an ambitious door-to-door recyclable collection programme for selected residential areas in Malaysia.

Background and initiative – convenient collection of pre-sorted recyclables

Introduced in Petaling Jaya City in greater Kuala Lumpur in 2020, this programme aims to increase waste management and promote sustainable practices by providing the convenience of a door-to-door and kerbside collection service. The initiative includes collecting seven different types of recyclables, with a special focus on carton packages.

People in front of recycling container

Image: A kerbside container for sorting common recyclables

The traditional waste management approach often faces challenges in segregation at source, leading to lower recycling rates. To address this issue, Nestle's programme encourages households to actively participate in recycling by making it more accessible and convenient.

Results – establishing kerbside recycling in greater Kuala Lumpur

The door-to-door recyclable collection programme is a solution empowering households to separate their recyclables effectively. Nestle, with the help of Tetra Pak and KPT Recycle, provides the infrastructure and support to ensure the success of this initiative.

With an end-of-year target of 100,000 households, by mid 2022 the programme had already expanded to encompass around 70,000 households in Petaling Jaya and the neighbouring cities of Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur.

Looking ahead – cooperating to reach more households in more cities

The impact of Nestle's door-to-door recyclable collection programme fosters a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility within the community. By simplifying the recycling process and offering a convenient door-to-door service, more households are encouraged to actively participate in recycling practices. As a result, waste segregation improves, leading to increased collection and recycling rates.

Similar current and future collaborations between companies and municipal governments will continue to play key roles in contributing towards Malaysia’s national recycling rate target of 40%, which it has set for 2025 .


Nestle, MBPJ (Local Municipality), KPT Recycle

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