​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global ice cream producer optimises equipment performance with a cost-effective approach for larger maintenance events

Onsite engineering support for larger maintenance events like overhauls amplifies staff expertise

​A global ice creamer producer in the competitive private label segment has achieved success with economies of scale, producing in high volumes and keeping costs as low as possible. Due to its streamlined organisation and younger staff structure, the company requires a partner to carry out larger maintenance events such as overhauls and fine-tuning of equipment, as well as to amplify its own capabilities.  

A Tetra Pak team led by an onsite engineer (OSE) carries out larger maintenance events in collaboration with plant staff  ​

System (TPMS) and focuses on larger maintenance events such as yearly overhauls and fine-tuning of equipment. A Tetra Pak onsite engineer (OSE) coordinates each event, making sure that all required parts and expertise are available. The OSE is the contact person for all customer staff, and is able to make quick decisions during the event. 

​Each overhaul begins with an equipment assessment and performance validation in order to determine the maintenance status and pinpoint items requiring attention. Tetra Pak engineers then rebuild the equipment together with staff operators. After each overhaul has been completed the OSE stays at the plant for an additional week to ensure optimal performance.  ​​

Results achieved

Tetra Pak support increased freezer availability for production on all lines by 15%, while minimising downtime during overhauls.
TPS Expert